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Innovative Security Products - Main Information

Vimba” the revolutionary multi-purpose locking system is the ultimate security solution within the industrial, commercial and domestic sector that impacts on organisations risk management, performance and effectiveness.

Recent media reports on:

Circumstance Consequence
1. Theft of gate motors
  • Property unprotected
  • Household occupants at risk
  • Insurance claims
2. Theft of computers from government offices and businesses
  • Unnecessary downtime (Randburg licensing)
  • Loss of computers
  • Loss of information
  • Insurance claims
3. Theft of, and / or open manhole covers
  • Personal injury
  • Loss of lives
  • Cable theft
4. Exposed and vandalised electrical enclosures
  • Loss of lives
  • Theft of equipment
  • Illegal connections
  • Vandalism

The greatest challenge that society faces in relation to the aforementioned circumstances is the loss of lives, which cannot be replaced or quantified in monetary terms.

Gate Motor Theft
Primarily, households suffer loss from theft of gate motors. Once stolen, gates are opened; anyone has direct access to your secure environment. This is part of your defence against unauthorised access to your premises. Where unauthorised access is gained, your household is exposed to risks of murder, rape, assault, and ultimately household robbery.

Computer theft
Theft of computers normally results in unnecessary down time, loss of revenue due to failure in delivering required services, loss of information, software and hardware (CPU). Losses of this nature cannot be quantified easily and may run into hundreds of thousands of Rands. These losses could range from R10, 000 to in excess of R 100,000.

Manhole covers theft and vandalism
Any loss of lives and personal injury is the greatest risk attributable to open manhole covers and cannot be quantified. Other measurable damages include driving your vehicle over an open manhole, spillage into your home, and loss of power due to cable theft. Criminals normally remove the manhole covers for resale to scrap metal dealers, or, alternatively, to gain access for the removal of electrical cables for resale on the black market. This has myriad of implications affecting households, consumers and businesses.

Exposed and vandalised electrical enclosures
Electrical enclosures are normally only accessed by authorised individuals, like electricians and technicians.

Unauthorised entries to these enclosures are normally accessed by innocent people, vandals and criminals. This may result in loss of lives if equipment is tampered with. It also causes unnecessary power outages for communities and businesses, resulting in a wide range of consequential losses to all taxpayers. Repair time is unpredictable and is dependant on the nature and extent of the damage caused through unlawful entry to the electrical enclosure.
Every person and business has a responsibility for taking pro active measures in combating crime in South Africa. The cost of lives and material damage to property is at the expense of the entity responsible for safeguarding these assets. The individual tax payers ultimately pay for the cost attributable to damaged and / or stolen property. These losses have a further consequential effect of increased insurance premiums due to increased insurance claims.
We believe that our ranges of patented locking mechanisms assists in reducing these risks by preventing access to, and unauthorised removal of these assets.
The VIMBA product range with its locally sourced and environmentally friendly product components provides a workable answer to these problems, which should reduce, if not eliminate such occurrences. Designed as a cost effective potential solution to the widespread problem, this PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN patented innovation that has been tried, tested and applied in the South African environment.

© Patent 2000/1278
© Patent 2000/6686